Thursday, September 9, 2010

I must admit that I slept through most of Idaho on the way down. It was starting to get dark, so I couldn't see much anyway. I am so nightblind. Stopped for the night by Idaho Falls at the lava flow park. We were supposed to go for a walk in the morning but I was tired so I got to stay in bed. JR took Buddy for a walk and then headed down the road. Buddy is doing a very good job of peeing on every tree he can in the states.
  I woke up shortly after we crossed into Utah. The landscape is really starting to change. Still lots of mountains in the distance but more flat elsewhere. The agriculture that I see is all done by irrigation. Some huge irrigation systems down here! Starting to notice tons of billboards everywhere. Advertising everything from doctors, plastic surgery, bail bonds and the ones I found interesting are the ones that show you the wait time at local hospital emergency wards. Stopped at some tiny town to grab some munchies for the road and walk the dog. Wow they grow the grasshoppers big!!  They are about the size of 3 of our grasshoppers together. Weather getting much warmer, had to change into shorts. Yaa!!
Capital Building in Salt Lake City
  Saw my first glimpse of the Great Salt Lake. I wanted to check it out, but it's too far off the highway..One of these trips we will stop so I can check it out. Salt Lake City is huge and spralling. The sprall starts north of Salt Lake City and doesn't stop for about 2 hours once you get past Provo Utah. Couldn't see the Mormon Temple from the highway. Did see a store that Evelyn would love. It's called Halloween Headquarters in Salt Lake City. All Halloween, all year round!! Again another place we are going to have to stop at on our of our trips.
Mens Prison
Saw where the Utah Jazz basketball team play. Passed three prisons in a row, the males, then the juvenille center, then the womens. The amount of fences, razor wire and guard towers, they are not fooling around!

Womens Prison Notice guard towers

Juville Center
Stopped for fuel and a shower in St. George Utah. Tempurature is up to 39C. I'm loving it!! Buddy is not so impressed. lol It's hard for him to tap dance from the heat of the ground and pee on a tree at the same time. Saw my first palm tree and cactus!! It's easy to tell where the rivers,streams and creeks are that is where there are trees. Decided that we will stop in Las Vegas for a couple hours this evening and then continue south before we stop for the night. So excited to see Vegas, and curious too after everything I have seen on tv and movies about it. 2 hours to Vegas!! Dipped into Arizona for 48 miles. The whole trip is through the Virgin River Gorge. WOW! Absolutly beautiful country. The colors in the rock! So different from the Rocky Mountains I am used to. Saw our first wildlife, 3 big horned sheep, along the side of the road.

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